Community Services of Gujarati Samaj of Western Australia

Culture & Arts

The Navratri Festival is celebrated over two week-ends where, a total of five thousand people, over four days, recite prayers and play Dandia-Raas to live Music. Geetanjali is a display of local talent in Music, Dance and Acting done every year to an audience of more than 500.


Diwali is a time to meet, eat and greet and Samaj facilitates this every year at a suitable location. The Sports Day, done over a weekend every year, allows participants of all ages and both genders to compete in an environment of fellowship and fair play. The Samaj’s inaugural Kite Festival in 2011 was a huge success as scores of participants struggled or saw their kites soar to the Sky watched by hundreds.

Social and Welfare

The Gujarati Seniors of Perth meet once every week over lunch, where they eat, socialise and otherwise entertain themselves over four hours. The Sahelis organise entertainment and educational programmes every quarter for our women members.


Presently, the Samaj has organised a local Library to stock classical and popular books in Gujarati and these stocks are replenished every year. Gujarati is taught to young girls and boys through an associate organisation – Shishukunj – that the Samaj helped set-up.


The committees past and present are looking for novel and enjoyable methods of achieving the Samaj’s aims and rest assured, they will come with something new every time, so always watch this space.

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