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Based in Perth, the Gujarati Samaj of Western Australia (Samaj), wishes to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of Gujarati culture, language, music, arts and cuisine amongst all Australians. It organises functions such as Geetanjali, Navratri, Natak and the Kite Festival where Gujarati traditions are on display for all to experience and enjoy. It promotes social activities through its support of the Sahelis, its women organisation and welfare, by its Seniors’ programme. Through Sandesh, its magazine and a monthly Radio insert, the Samaj allows the dissemination of matters that affect the Gujarati community everywhere. The Gujarati Samaj of Western Australia can trace its roots to Summer Picnics, Night Dinners and Garba-Raas on home stereo equipment more than 25 years ago. What began as a formal organisation in 1993 of about 40 families has now evolved into a body that looks after WA’s three thousand strong Gujarati community’s Cultural, Welfare, Social and Educational interests

We envision a community, which teaches our children our languages, our history and produces policy makers and individuals who drive a wholesome narrative of our people.

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